Salvage Hidden Treasures

Game Guide: How To Win Salvage Hidden Treasures

A competitive strategy game for 2-4 players, Salvage Hidden Treasures involves a salvage ship captain who will be competing against other ships to claim the greatest haul of long lost treasures from under the sea. All of this may sound pretty straightforward, but you will need to plan out what you need to sell, trade carefully, or keep based on the ships’ weight capacity. In addition, a lot of the treasure found will trigger game-changing effects, everything from extra movement and additional weight allowance to potential game-winning combinational move strategies.

Reigning Salvage Hidden Treasures in-house champion Molly has offered to share some of her top tips to winning at the game.

Salvage Hidden Treasures


Getting hold of a second boat as early as possible in the game can give the player a considerable advantage over their friends. Each boat can only perform one ‘Salvage’ or ‘discover’ action per turn. Therefore, with just a single boat, you may find yourself exposing your valuable treasures with no way of rel=”nofollow”salvaging other treasures for yourself until your turn happens to come around. At this point, it may become a disaster if someone else sneaks in and steals it from under your nose. Luckily having two boats means that you have two actions. Use the famous ‘discover salvage combo’ using one boat’s action to discover and the other boat’s action to salvage on the same turn. The probability of striking gold and hopefully something even more valuable is open to the player now on every turn.

Loose Change

Among the treasure tiles which make up the game are a wide variety of beneficial items. In order to win at this game, you need to hold on to the most valuable combination of treasures till the end of the game. That being said, a solid piece of advice is to always carry something a bit less glamorous as you go like some gold, as it is plentiful and does not take up a lot of weight capacity. This is because along with some of those glorious treasures are some really unfortunate and mean fate twists in the form of event tiles. Event tiles may bring you a fortune, but some of them might cost you an item of treasure. Some mean salvage captains may also use an event against you to try and steal what is rightfully yours. But now that you are informed about it, you can go in prepared.

Don’t Get Too Attached

In the beginning stages of the game, it can be really tempting to hold onto treasure and secure an early lead. However, this is a self-made trap, because if you sell some of the treasures early on, you can get a second boat much quicker and hopefully leave you with enough cash to start building up an immense haul of treasure.






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