Space Games

The Best Space Games On Pc

Picking out the best PC space games is a major challenge. Developers have been creating games based on space adventures since the 1970s. With everyone excited about Jupiter, and with crowdfunding allowing studios to start out on their own, we are definitely a bit more than obsessed with what lies beyond this blue, green marble.

So here are a few space games you can play on your PC if you are into the science fiction and alien genre.

Space Games

Star Trek Online

In movies and now TV shows, Star Trek has come quite a long way in a brief period of time, although it is the initially complicated MMO that has arguably had the longest journey. Under fire upon release for being a lousy fit effectively, Star Trek Online has filled its replica uniform quite well and is now considered one of the best MMORPGs around.

It is interesting to think of Star Trek Online as not just a game that manages to capture the spirit of the Roddenberry universe with its exciting adventures into the unknown, tactical one-on-one battles, and meeting curious aliens with an innate love for human history, but also as being part of an online fan convention. Players show their interest for TNG, DS9 or TOS by indulging their series knowledge and taking part in various games on the side, preferably through structured-away team missions and wars in space.

Star Conflict

Star Conflict is a dogfighting free MMORPG that has pilots clash against each other in the middle of asteroid belts and planets in fast-paced scraps. While the game is mostly concerned about player vs player battles, you can also grab a few quests, explore some ruins, and dabble in some crafting as well.

It is, of course, the ships that make the game. From the nimble fighter jets to the massive frigates and huge destroyers, there are a wide variety of vessels to unlock as well as upgrade, determining the player’s role in whatever conflict they find themselves duking it in. There are several hundred ships to choose from, but gaining access to them all takes some work.

Eve Online

Eve Online is a space game that has been around for so long that you might be forgiven if you thought that it was the only space game in existence. Eve Online is unquestionably one of the most interesting space games ever released, partly due to the fact that it has half a million online players already on the same mega-server rather than facing the severed realities offered by many of its fantasy contemporaries. Players join together and form fleets with thousands of ships, all laying siege to whole regions for months on end, backed by an extensive supply chain of traders, researchers, miners and manufacturers.






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