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Top 5 Puzzle Games For Android Smartphones And iPhone

The Covid-19 pandemic hasn’t been kind on anyone. For most people, staying at home has just become mundane. All they do nowadays is wake up, freshen up and sit at a computer for work. This slump can be broken by merely performing a hobby such as playing games, drawing, cooking etc. Here are the top five puzzle games that you can install on your phone to have a bit of fun and challenge your brain.

The Room

The Room is a widely popular puzzle game that has four games as of now. These games are basically just point-and-click games but in the adventure puzzle-solving genre. It has a gripping storyline which will keep you hooked for hours and is very fun to play as well. You might end up playing this game for hours on end in your free time.

Cut The Rope 2

An extremely entertaining game, Cut The Rope 2 is a sequel to Cut The Rope which was highly popular. It features a green crocodile Om Nom to which you have to get some candy by cutting ropes. Cutting the wrong rope will result in the candy not reaching Om Nom, and you will have to start that level all over again. The game is extremely fun to play and hooks you in for hours with its gripping story where you have to complete more than 168 interesting levels to help Om Nom the crocodile and his friends.

Cut the rope 2

Roll The Ball

Back in the day, there used to be a hand puzzle in which you had to roll the ball and make it reach a final destination. This mobile game follows the same basic mechanics, with a bit of a modern twist to it. In this game you have to place pipes across the board and connect it to each other, finally getting the ball to the end. In the beginning, it seems like a pretty easy game, but as you keep playing it progressively becomes more challenging. The game has about 3,000 levels with no penalty or time limit, so take your time while having fun making the ball reach its destination.

Love Poly

Love Poly is sort of like a modern take on the classic puzzle game. As in the classic puzzle, you have to make all the tiles fit in correctly to check what the game throws at you. It is fun and requires you to have a calm mind as you move the pieces into place. Download it once, and it will definitely provide you with surprisingly new puzzles each time you complete an old one.

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Block! Hexa Puzzle

Block Hexa is a different take on the classic puzzle games than Love Poly. It does not ask you to complete a picture, but instead, fit all a given set of hexagon pieces onto a board. It requires the player to think on their feet to complete levels and help the player increase their spatial intelligence and thinking capabilities.






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